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Engineer to Sales Training and TransitionThere are two key components to making the transition into a professional sales role – 1) proper training, and 2) finding a mentor.  As a non-salesperson we typically only see the outward benefits of salespeople such as nice cars, nice clothes, and an upscale lifestyle.  We fail to understand what it takes to reap these benefits, mainly because a good salesperson, like a good athlete, makes it look easy.   The “ease” is a result of the hours of hard work and dedication to the profession of salesmanship, which always needs to come first.  You need to give to take.

Training & Mentoring

The San Diego Sales Academy offers both webinar based training and mentoring to facilitate your transition into sales.  The purpose of webinar training is to provide you with a more a structured learning plan that offers training slides and the ability to interact in a group environment.  Mentoring is meant to assist you in overcoming challenges and hurdles that are blocking you from moving forward in achieving your goal.

Webinar Training

Webinar training is delivered live via an interactive video conference session.    Class size is limited to 15 seats in order to maximize your learning experience in a cost effective manner.  Currently four (4) webinar modules are being offered as our standard offering.  The goal of these four (4) modules is to help you understand what will be expected of you in a direct sales role and provide you with a basic foundation, to build upon,  for future success.   These Webinars are described below this web page, or simply click here to jump to them.

Additional Webinars are being considered, and your feedback is welcomed both in terms of subject material and customization.


The main reason to seek a mentor is to help you solve or overcome an issue that is preventing you from achieving your sales goals.  Typical issues encountered with engineers or non-salespeople revolve around how to get started with the transition into sales (where to start), and then how start gaining positive traction towards  your sales goal.   Typically we tackle one well defined goal at time, and then determine next steps based on goal progression.  Once a goal is well defined we create an action plan for that goal, which then becomes the basis for the Mentoring Session.   This process is defined in greater detail below this web page, or simply click here to jump to it.

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